What’s the Best Future for Mac Point?

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Sophie Underwood
PMAT State Director 
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In the lead up to the 16 November 2022 Hobart Town Hall public meeting – ‘Mac Point’s Future’ – PMAT (Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania) has released an image (attached below) showing the potential scale of the proposed stadium on Mac Point and questions whether the construction of an AFL grade stadium at Mac Point is the best future for the site and Hobart?

PMAT does not have a position on the proposed stadium at Mac Point and has called the meeting to generate community discussion and investigate the planning processes undertaken in the decision to abandon the long-awaited Mac Point development plans and replace it with a major stadium development.

As recently as June 2022, the Premier and relevant Minister issued a statement praising the remediation and planning work done at Mac Point and celebrating the first land release for The Escarpment to the market and “the planning and approvals for The District which comprises three areas, The Gateway, The Promenade and The Underground, which is now ready to go to market”. The Mac Point website still promotes this vision; including a ‘centrepiece’ truth and reconciliation art park, despite the Premier’s announcement that the site will now house a stadium.

“Contrasting the imagery on the Mac Point website (attached below) with the one we have released today, overlaying the Blundstone Arena on the Mac Point site, begs the question how a stadium and an arts, cultural and entertainment precinct can really fit and coexist on the site?,” said Sophie Underwood, State Coordinator of PMAT.

“Proper planning is a step-wise process that costs money, time and community goodwill to get it right. Mac Point is a case in point and there has been high excitement and general community agreement for the vision it landed on.

“Contracts have been entered into and the market was primed for the release of a prime development opportunity that everybody agreed needed to be rehabilitated and realised.

“At what cost has that been abandoned and what process will now be enacted to understand the stadium proposal, consult the community and build a social licence for the future of one of our most important public land development sites in Australia.

Political representatives, planning experts and community leaders have been invited to present at PMAT’s public meeting and we’re optimistic for solid community engagement and a credible community conversation about the competing visions for Mac Point and the planning processes that underpin them.

“Mac Point holds so much promise for Hobart’s future,” said Ms Underwood. “Whatever we do on this site needs proper consideration and community engagement and the best way to achieve this is a genuine, professional and comprehensive planning process which aims for the best possible outcome.

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