PMAT works with local communities to stage public events, bringing the community together and helping to raise awareness of planning concerns. If you have planning-related issues in your locality, contact PMAT to discuss organising a public meeting in your community. 

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Adventure Bay, Bruny Island Town Hall

20 May 2023- PMAT Community Meeting Bruny Island

Date: Saturday, 20 May
Time: 2- 3.30 pm 
Venue: The Adventure Bay Hall, 5 Kellaway Road, Adventure Bay, Bruny Island.

We fear vested interests in the property and development sectors are strongly pushing the Tasmanian State Government to reform how planning decisions are made in Tasmania, and current options to weaken planning would seriously disadvantage communities and lead to poor planning and development decisions.

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Scale map showing Blundstone Arena, 19,500 ground capacity, overlaid over approximate location of Mac Point in yellow. The proposed stadium’s footprint will likely be larger to serve a 23,000 ground capacity.

16 Nov 2022 – Mac Point’s Future Public Meeting

Date: 16 Nov 2022
Time: 1-2 pm
Venue: Hobart Town Hall
PMAT does not have a position on the proposed stadium at Mac Point and has called the meeting to generate community discussion and investigate the planning processes undertaken in the decision to abandon the long-awaited Mac Point development plans and replace it with a major stadium development.

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Is there a planning related issue that you’re concerned about? Contact PMAT about organising a public meeting in your community. 

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