Our Work

The Our Work section is a work in progress. New topics will be progressively added covering issues such as State of the Environment Reporting, the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, State Elections, climate change and mitigation, housing, residential standards and urban amenity, transparency and democracy, geodiversity, population, Regional Land Use Strategies, heritage buildings and landscapes. 

Keeping Local Councils Local

PMAT supports keeping local councils local - looking after local planning decisions and services for local people with local jobs. PMAT does not support the State Government takeover of local councils or the bypassing of councils by property developers.

National Parks & Reserves

Commercial tourism development, along with many other Permitted uses, can be approved in most national parks and reserves with no guarantee of public consultation and rights to appeal over public land on almost 50% of Tasmania.

Aboriginal Heritage

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme does not mandate the consideration of impacts on Aboriginal Heritage, including Cultural Landscapes, when assessing a new development or use that will impact on Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Community Guides

PMAT works to educate, raise awareness and inspire engagement in planning and Local Government issues and processes in Tasmania via the development of free community guides.

Healthy Landscapes

Landscape, biodiversity & scenic landscape protection.

Local Government Elections

Democracy cannot function without communication. In order for voters to make informed choices among candidates, voters must learn about candidates’ policy positions. During the last two Local Government elections PMAT surveyed candidates to ask their position on planning.

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