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If you want better planning laws in Tasmania now is the time to speak up. Please contact your local mayor and councillors asking for a review of the residential standards of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The Local Government Authority of Tasmania (LGAT) will meet in Burnie on Friday 2 March 2018, to vote on the recommendation to review the residential standards of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The vote is taking place one day before the Tasmanian State election.

If the LGAT vote is carried it will be an important win for PMAT and all those across the state who have been campaigning hard for better planning.  We see this as a very significant move by the local government peak body as it highlights what they see as one of the fundamental problems with the proposed statewide planning scheme.

You will find your mayor and councillor’s contact details on your local council’s website.

Call your mayor and councillors today and ask them to support agenda ‘Item 2.1 Review of State Planning Provisions: That LGAT write to the Minister for Planning to initiate a review of the State Planning Provisions for the Residential Standards (SPP).’

The Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) recommended a comprehensive review of development standards in the General Residential and Inner Residential Zones of the proposed Tasmanian Planning Scheme.  The TPC recommendation was that this review be a priority.  That was in late 2016!  To date, there has been no action on this by Planning Minister Peter Gutwein.

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