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Please see attached here PMAT’s submission guide to help you comment on the review of the State Planning Provisions (SPPs).  In this guide we also refer to the Heart Foundation Representation to the final draft State Planning Provisions 7 March 2016 attached here.

The guide highlights 22 broad issues of the SPPs (i.e. the incoming new Tasmanian Planning Scheme) that are of concern to PMAT. 

Phase 2 of the State Government’s planning reform is underway and includes a review of the State Planning Provisions (SPPs), introduction of the Tasmanian Planning Policies, the creation of a regional land use planning framework, and a review of the three Regional Land Use Strategies. The SPPs also require review for consistency with State Policies and the Tasmanian Planning Policies once they are finalised. 

How to Make a Submission 

See PMAT’s guide for details.  

Due Date: 5pm, Friday 12 August 2022 

Email: yoursay.planning@dpac.tas.gov.au 

Post: State Planning Office, Department of Premier and Cabinet, GPO Box 123, Hobart TAS 7001 

Endorsing PMAT’s Submission 

Phase 2 of lutruwita/Tasmania’s planning reforms is now underway and will include a review of the State Planning Provisions, introduction of the Tasmanian planning policies, the creation of a regional land use planning framework, and a review of the three regional land use strategies.

This is your chance to have a say on the future of our natural environment, heritage, lifestyle and democracy.

The State Planning Provisions Review is a particular priority for PMAT. We are focusing on key aspects that are crucial for our wellbeing and that of lutruwita/Tasmania:

  • ensuring the community has the right to have a say

  • biodiversity (Natural Assets Code)

  • healthy landscapes (Scenic Protection Code and Landscape Conservation Zone)

  • developments in national parks and reserves (Environmental Management Zone)

  • residential standards (e.g. General Residential Zone)

  • built heritage (Local Historic Heritage Code).

The 2022/2023 State Planning Provisions Review is the best chance the community has now to improve the planning system. The State Planning Provisions are not scheduled to be reviewed again until 2027.

The Tasmanian Government is seeking input to help scope the issues for the five yearly review of the State Planning Provisions in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Public consultation is open from 25 May 2022 to 12 August 2022. This review phase is known as Stage 1.

The aim of the scoping phase is to identify the provisions of the State Planning Provisions that may require review, and if there is a need for any new provisions in the State Planning Provisions.

There is also a legislative requirement for the State Planning Provisions to be revised for consistency with the Tasmanian planning policies, once they are approved. The scoping exercise, along with the approved planning policies, will inform draft amendments to the State Planning Provisions, which will be considered through the State Planning Provision amendment process prescribed under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

This process includes a 42 day period of public exhibition and independent review by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and may also include public hearings.

See flowchart for the State Planning Provisions amendment process online. This review phase is known as Stage 2 and is likely to occur in 2023.


Donate to PMAT

We have engaged planning experts in the key areas of heritage, residential standards and the natural environment to inform our representation on the State Planning Provisions Review. To have influence and credibility, we must deliver the most professional and informed submissions and arguments – we need your financial support for maximum impact

Make a submission

Submit your own representation – all the details of the Review of the State Planning Provisions and how to make your representation can be found on the Tasmanian Government’s Planning in Tasmania website.

Contact the Planning Minister

Contact Tasmania’s planning minister, Michael Ferguson by email at michael.ferguson@dpac.tas.gov.au or phone 03 6777 1032.

  • Please encourage the minister to create a planning system that is not driven by growth at all costs, but one that is consistent with PMAT’s Platform and our vision:

    ‘PMAT is committed to a vision for Tasmania to be a global leader in planning excellence. We believe best practice planning must embrace and respect all Tasmanians, enhance community well-being, health and prosperity, nourish and care for Tasmania’s outstanding natural values, recognise and enrich our cultural heritage and, through democratic and transparent processes, deliver sustainable, integrated development in harmony with the surrounding environment.’

  • Ask the Planning Minister this critical question: ‘Will you as Planning Minister accept the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s recommendations as part of the State Planning Provisions review unlike when the State Planning Provisions were first created back in 2017?

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