Labor: Put People First and Reject the Major Projects Bill

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Sophie Underwood
PMAT State Director
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We need your URGENT help please to support Labor to make the right decision and put people and communities first, and reject the Major Projects Bill (MPB).

Please email and/or phone Labor here – it will only take you a few minutes.

This is urgent as the MPB could be debated in the Tasmanian Parliament as early as 18 August 2020. Labor is in a position to influence whether the MPB passes the Tasmanian Parliament or not.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government’s proposed MPB will create a new planning process that diminishes community involvement in the assessment of large and complex projects which could be highly controversial.

Please email and/or phone Labor here – it will only take you a few minutes.

Community groups across the state have been clear in their opposition to the MPB, highlighting their key concerns, including:

·         a loss of community rights to appeal bad development decisions;

·         limits on meaningful community input to major projects assessments;

·         the sidelining of the trusted and independent Tasmanian Planning Commission;

·         the side-stepping of parliamentary oversight for State significant projects;

·         almost any project would be eligible to be declared a major project e.g. all current controversial projects across Tasmania could foreseeably be pulled into this process – Cambria Green on the east coast, Westbury prison, Fragrance skyscrapers in Hobart and Launceston, Marinus, Lake Malbena Helicopter proposal and other developments in our National Parks and Reserves and World Heritage Area, and cable cars proposed for kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Mt Roland and Cataract Gorge.; and

·         the Planning Minister has unchecked power to declare a development a ‘major project’ thereby removing it from the usual planning process.

These changes fundamentally undermine our democracy.

Please email and phone Labor here – it will only take you a few minutes.

Your support is hugely appreciated. Now is the time to ensure Tasmania’s direction is set by transparent and independent decision making that enshrines a strong role for the community – and we cannot do it without you!

Please email and phone Labor here – it will only take you a few minutes.

kunanyi/Mt Wellington Cable Car: Over 5000 people rallied to support the protection of kunanyi/Mt Wellington from a cable car and commercial development on its summit. Image: Rob Blakers & Residents Opposed to the Cable Car.

Transmission lines & Towers: Artist Impression of Transmission Line and Towers in Loongana Valley dissecting the Penguin to Cradle Trail. Image: SOLVE – Supporting Our Loongana Valley Environment.

Westbury Prison: Westbury locals opposing a prison being built in close proximity to their community. Image: Westbury Region Against the Prison.

Cambria Green mega-development on Tasmania’s east coast: Extent of the 3000+ ha Cambria Green zoning amendment proposed for Tasmania’s largest tourism development ever. Image: Freycinet Action Network.

Skyscrapers in Hobart: Artist’s impression of the previously proposed 200 metre Fragrance skyscraper in Hobart. Image: Tasmanian Conservation Trust.

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