PMAT Survey: What Are Your Legislative Candidates Position on DAPs?

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Legislative Council elections are being held on 4 May 2024 in the seats of Elwick, Hobart and Prosser.  All 16 candidates across the three seats were contacted by PMAT with an email inviting them to undertake a survey on their position on DAPs (Development Assessment Panels).

Of these, 11 candidates completed the survey.  The survey was open from Sunday 14 April 2024 until midnight Saturday 20 April 2024. 

Three substantive questions (Questions 5, 6 and 7) were asked of candidates.

Question 5:
The Tasmanian Liberal Government is proposing the introduction of Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) that take development assessment and approval for projects on urban/private and public/reserve land away from local Councils. The proposals would also remove merits-based planning appeals. Do you support Development Assessment Panels?

Question 6:
Do you believe that we should have an improved development assessment process for developments on reserved/public land?

Question 7:
Should certain types of development be prohibited on reserved land such as in our World Heritage Areas and National Parks?

See all Legislative Council election candidates 2024 here:  ( ) to see who did not participate in our survey.

Legislative Election Candidate Survey Results on their position on DAPs
Legislative Election Candidate Survey Results on their position on DAPs

Authorised by PMAT Public Officer, Eric Pinkard 7 Ogilvie Street, Mt Stuart Tas 7000

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