PMAT Injects Planning Reforms into The Election Agenda

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The Planning Matters Alliance of Tasmania (PMAT) today launched its online campaign (see here ) to highlight ongoing and anticipated attempts by the Gutwein Government to water down planning rules. PMAT seeks a commitment from all candidates in the May 1 2021 state election for stronger planning rules and regulations which better reflect community expectations and protect our Tasmanian brand.

Of particular concern, PMAT is highlighting three changes to the planning system, which, when combined with the new Major Projects approval process, would further erode the integrity of Tasmania’s planning system. The changes include:

•             The potential of removing planning from local Councils which will minimise community involvement and reduce local knowledge in development decisions, advantaging developers at the expense of ratepayers, character and amenity.

•             Creating a new fast track process to implement the Tasmanian Planning Scheme putting the places that you love at risk. e.g. imagine if the Cambria Green re-zoning could take effect without being advertised.

•             Precluding the ability for third parties to appeal developments by making appeals prohibitively expensive.

 “Some of these issues are as big, if not bigger, than council amalgamation,” said PMAT spokesperson and State Coordinator Sophie Underwood. 

 “We want to see planning kept local, democratic and robust so Tasmania can manage the ever-increasing pressures being placed on our island and protect the things that make it so special in the first place.

 “Stripping councils of important planning decisions, fast tracking weaker planning rules and cutting back the capacity for the community to appeal poor planning decisions are all deeply undemocratic and are leading to increased confusion, complexity and anxiety. We do not want to see inappropriate developments and/or community alienated from decisions about the future look, feel and amenity of their local areas” said PMAT State President Anne Harrison.

 “Our campaign is seeking strong commitments from candidates in the state election, commitments that would enshrine planning assessments and decisions as local, robust and subject to credible community scrutiny,” said Ms Underwood.

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Sophie Underwood        PMAT State Coordinator               0407 501 999

Anne Harrison                   PMAT State President                   0419 585 291


Wednesday 21 April 2021

Parliament House Lawns

10 am

Which community groups be attending today’s launch?

1.       The Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania

2.       Fishers & Walkers Against Helicopter Access Tasmania

3.       Glebe Residents’ Association

4.       Hobart Not Highrise

5.       Kangaroo Bay Voice

6.       Residents Opposed to the Cable Car

7.       The Tasmanian Conservation Trust

8.       The Tasmanian Planning Information Network (TasPIN)

9.       The Tasmanian Wilderness Society

PMAT's 'defend Tasmanian's right to have a say' campaign with image of people with tape over mouth.
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