Planning Matters! 
Public Meeting: Hobart

Event Details
8 November 2016 1.10pm-2pm
The Town Hall, Hobart


The Hodgman Government is weakening planning laws to make development easier and cut-out community control. This will change the face of Tasmanian cities, towns and bush. One day this will affect you and your backyard!

Twenty community and environment groups call a public meeting:

  1. Bay of Fires Coastal Preservation Lobby.
  2. Beaumaris Action Network.
  3. BirdLife Tasmania.
  4. Blackmans Bay Residents Action Group.
  5. Environment Tasmania.
  6. Freycinet Action Network.
  7. Friends of Four Mile Creek.
  8. Friends of the Blue Tier.
  9. Friends of the East Coast.
  10. North East Bioregional Network.
  11. Precinct 33 Amendments Group.
  12. 12 Seymour Community Action Group.
  13. South Hobart Progress Association.
  14. Southern Beaches Conservation Society.
  15. Tasmanian Conservation Trust.
  16. Tasmanian National Parks Association.
  17. Tasmanian Planning Information Network.
  18. The Bob Brown Foundation.
  19. The Wilderness Society.
  20. Woodbridge Community Association


Michael Buxton, Professor of Environment and Planning at the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University. Why does planning matter? How it went wrong in Victoria, national perspective.

Distinguished Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick, Head of Discipline of Geography and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania. How will the Statewide Planning Provisions affect you? How will it affect our cities, towns and bush?

Madeline Ogilvie, Labor.

Rosalie Woodruff, The Greens.

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