Deloraine Community Meeting

Event Details
Tuesday, 20 March
5.30-7 pm 
Flinders Arts and Entertainment Centre, 9 Patrick Street, Whitemark, Flinders Island 


Meetings topics included:

  • The proposal that the State Government strip planning decisions from local councils and force council amalgamations – effectively removing a level of government and accountability. These changes would fundamentally alter Local Government and planning in Tasmania and how the community and Councillors have a say on future developments. 

  • How Philip Island in Victoria demonstrates the immense devastating financial, social and environmental impacts forced amalgamations can have on island and rural communities. Once a successful, stand-alone Council – declining municipal services and rising rates have been the hallmarks of its forced amalgamation. Read about Philip Island’s forced amalgamation disturbing case study summary here and in more detail here

  • How fish farms largely sit outside the planning system and what that means for the Furneaux Group given the Draft Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan 2023. 

  • The new Tasmanian Planning Scheme and planning for Flinders Island.

Photo: PMAT Flinders Island Community meeting, with approximately 25 people in attendance, 20 March 2023.

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