Has Hodgman Abandoned the Review of RAA Process for Developments in National Parks & Reserves?

Media Enquiries

Sophie Underwood
PMAT State Director 
0407 501 999


The RAA process governs the Parks and Wildlife Service’s assessment of proposed developments on approximately 50% of Tasmania, so it’s essential the process is robust.

A long-awaited review of the Reserve Activity Assessment Process (RAA), the internal government process by which developments in national parks and reserves are assessed, has stalled with no apparent progress for over a year. Stakeholders are unable to get clear information on progress, timelines and the formal process regarding consultation. It appears that the state government has abandoned this critically important review of the RAA or put it off indefinitely in the hope that currently proposed developments are approved under the existing deeply flawed process.

Eleven community groups (outlined below) working to protect values in publicly-owned parks and reserves are frustrated they cannot get clarity on the review and have resorted to lodging a Right to Information (RTI) request to seek transparency.

Read PMAT Media Release here.

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