Clarence Community Meeting

Event Details
Tuesday 4 April 2023
6 pm – 7.30 pm
Rosny Bowls Club, 40 Bastick St, Rosny, Clarence City


What is happening with the Future of Local Government Review? Removing planning from Councils? Forced amalgamations? State Government takeover of planning?

Meeting Motions 

Three motions were carried at PMAT’s Clarence community public meeting held on the 4 April 2023. Approximately 100 people were present. All motions moved were passed by show of hands. 

The attached three motions were passed by a clear majority. 

The motions relate to: 

  • Removing planning from Councils 

  • Forced amalgamations 

  • State Government intervention on Skylands, Droughty Point Peninsula 

The meeting discussed, amongst other issues: 

  • The proposal that the State Government strip planning decisions from local councils and force council amalgamations – effectively removing a level of government, community voice, local representation, transparency and accountability. These changes would fundamentally alter Local Government and planning in Tasmania and how the community and Councillors have a say on future developments, including planning appeals.  We would most likely see more Skylands, Kangaroo Bay and Rosny Hill type developments. 

  • The State Government wants to choose who makes planning decisions. They want to replace Councillors with State Government appointed ‘independent assessment panels’. In NSW, local planning panels were created to stamp out corruption, but councillors from across the political spectrum say they favour developers and undermine democratic accountability. An example of the effects of removing Councils as a Planning Authority in NSW and replacing them with planning panels can be read here: How ‘unelected faceless men and women’ keep approving NSW developments, Sydney Morning Herald, August 15, 2021. 

  • Recent advice indicates that forced Council amalgamations, despite their scale and significant impact and the future of Local Government, will not be required to go through Parliament, further diminishing scrutiny and the integrity of the current State Government planning ‘reform’ process. 

  • The takeover of planning by the State Government and unchecked Ministerial powers: changes in Tasmania’s planning system shift power over planning decisions away from the Tasmanian Planning Commission, Councils and the public into the hands of one individual – the Minister for Planning. 

Photo: PMAT Clarence Community Meeting, with approximately 100 people in attendance, 4 April 2023

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